Director's Statement


noun: lover; plural noun: lovers

In an effort to confront his loss, Mansor extracts the remains of his late wife only to discover her presence forever illuminated in the divine. Like a bird that sings to a flower and a flower that blooms to a singing bird, Rozita and Mansor’s love continue to remain in a harmony of mutual devotion.

Director's Statement.

Like the nightingale that sings for the rose to bloom, and the rose that blooms for singing nightingale, neither bloom nor melody would exist without the other. This theme weaves together the story of Mansor and Rozita. In the final moments of Rozita's passing. Mansor's recitation of the Yassin, a chapter in the Quran often read during death, is abandoned for a seemingly irreverent prayer. In this spirited enchantment, Mansor performs a primal gesture as he desperately seeks Rozita. He achieves an intimate divinity but what he finds may not actually be Rozita, normay he really be Mansor. It is my intention to convey, with mutual devotion, the harmony of nature in the midst of a vulgar and confrontational reality. What i hope to share is a spiritual fiction in which the presence of the divine takes precedence over our common notion of science fiction.

Kekasih poster by  Iman Raad .

Kekasih poster by Iman Raad.