Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew.

Professor Mansor:

Nasir Bilan Khan is best known for his award winning role as Amir in U-Wei Shaari's Woman, Wife & Whore, winning best male actor at the 1993 Malaysian Film Award. Khan's recent films include, Amok, Bohsia, Niyang Rapik and Laga. 


Fauziah Nawi is an actor, director and founder of Sanggar Theater and Stefani Events. As a performer, Nawi is no stranger to the music, cinema, television and theatre of both Malaysia and Singapore. She also recently directed the pop star biopic, Zaiton Sameon.

Associate Producer:

Edwin Raj is a trans media director and producer. As the lead singer of They Will Kill Us All, he has shared the stage with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, Modest Mouse and Block Party. As the founder of Kulture Volume he has produced some of Malaysia's seminal music programs including Homegrown and The Astro Hitz MV Grant.

Assistant Director:

Arzuan "Alet" Anuar is a former Media Prima Executive Producer and founder of Spaceboy Studios, an Multimedia Super Corridor status production company. His accolades include Anugerah Skrin, Juice Awards and Shout Awards.

Director of Photography:

Aaron Chung graduated from Akademi Filem Malaysia. His film Carwash premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2010. As a cinematographer, Aaron contributed to 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian filmmakers.

Special Effects Make Up:

Ella Sandera is Malaysia's acclaimed special effects make up artist. Her prolific body of work include horror films such as Niyang Rapik, Janin, and most recently the KL ZOMBI flash mob. Ella works alongside her husband, Ahmad Katimi and are both fans of heavy metal.

Original Music:

Dominic Bisignano was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. After receiving his bachelor's degree in art history from the University of Iowa, he worked for five years as a computer technician. In 2004 he moved to California to earn a master's degree in experimental animation at the California Institute of the Arts. In addition to being an animator and musical composer, he is also a creative director at Disney.